Explore Box (6) – Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

From: $15.00

Taste our fantastic new Fall/Winter 2023 collection with CocoaBistro’s Taste Box! Select 6 of your favourite truffles, or mix-and-match something new. With over 15 new and classic flavours to choose from, you may need a bigger box!

Milk Sea Salt Caramel

Lots of love and care go into each batch of creamy caramel - a perfect companion to milk chocolate and Maldon Sea salt.

$2.50 each

Dark Sea Salt Caramel

We never take this off the menu for a reason. Choose between regular and dairy-free. Visual description next to each title.

$2.50 each

Earl Grey Martini

Juniper’s Wit Gin from Kinsip is the perfect cocktail partner for Earl Grey Tea from Cha Cha Tea and milk chocolate ganache. Cheers!

$2.50 each

That’s Amore!

Fresh basil and limoncello liqueur folded into white chocolate evoke a sensory vacation through the Italian countryside.

$2.50 each

Amaretto Bliss

This decadent treat - a combination of Amaretto liqueur, marzipan and rich Belgian milk chocolate ganache - will always satisfy.

$2.50 each

Peppermint Latte

The taste of freshly ground coffee and a shot of peppermint pair perfectly with cool breezes and comfy sweaters.

$2.50 each


Nothing comes close to the satisfying sensation of crunchy figs in a smooth milk chocolate ganache - with a hint of orange too!

$2.50 each

The Cherry Bomb

Italian Amarena cherries are front and centre in this flavour bomb, while dark vanilla bean ganache provides the perfect backdrop.

$2.50 each

Peachy Keen

If you like the sound of peaches and ginger, you will fall in love with this creamy creation in white chocolate ganache.

$2.50 each

Kir Royale

Just like it’s namesake cocktail, this blend of cassis and Champagne is pure luxury! We are proud to partner with Kinsip House of Fine Spirits on this beauty.

$2.50 each

Ode to Provence

Our ever-popular lavender bonbon is now a meltaway! Accented with a topping of lemon, this is a deep, dark and soothing indulgence. Dairy-free.

$2.50 each

Warm and Cozy

Nothing says “bliss” like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, and mild chilli pepper steeped in Assam tea and folded into dark ganache. Dairy-free.

$2.50 each


(aka the Milk Mint Meltaway). Needs no words.

$2.50 each

Ichigo Matcha

Japanese for “strawberry”, the fruit stands out in a white chocolate ganache infused with premium matcha from Cha Cha Tea.

$2.50 each

Canadian Campfire

Third in our Kinsip collection is their Maple Whisky, paired with smoky lapsang slouching from Cha Cha Tea in our dark chocolate ganache.

$2.50 each


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