Luxury Box (15) – Spring 2024 Collection

From: $41.25

Looking for Luxury? Try our fantastic new Spring 2024 collection with CocoaBistro’s Luxury Box! Select 15 of your favourite truffles, or mix-and-match something new. With over 12 new and classic flavours to choose from, you may need a bigger box!

Milk Sea Salt Caramel

Lots of love and care go into each batch of creamy caramel - a perfect companion to milk chocolate and Maldon Sea salt.

$2.75 each

Dark Sea Salt Caramel

We never take this off the menu for a reason.  *Contains dairy! For our dairy-free version, see below.

$2.75 each

Dairy-Free Dark Sea Salt Caramel

DAIRY FREE VERSION! We never take this off the menu for a reason!

$2.75 each

Earl Grey Martini

Few can resist this combo of local love!
Earl Grey from Cha Cha Tea infused in local Kinsip gin and blended with our milk chocolate ganache: heavenly!

$2.75 each

Pure Passion

$2.75 each

Sesame Chili Crisp

$2.75 each

Kalamansi Dream

$2.75 each

Vietnamese Coffee

$2.75 each

Almond Amaretto

$2.75 each

The Ryan Reynolds

He’s back! And maybe this time around, Ryan will take notice of his spicy caramel namesake. Please tag him @vancityreynolds and share the love!


Q: What is dreamy, spicy and just sweet enough to be Canadian?

A: Our chili-infused flowing caramel that Ryan has not (yet) endorsed (but he just might if enough people tweet him #VancityReynolds.)

$2.75 each

Funky Monky

$2.75 each


A tangy square of agar-based gelee is suspended in a cool, dark mint meltaway and topped with candied lemon peel.

Chef’s kiss!

$2.75 each

I ♡ Guava

$2.75 each


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