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  • Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel

    By popular demand, the classic flowing caramel is now in milk chocolate too. 

    $2.50 each
  • Dark Sea Salt Caramel

    We never take this off the menu for a reason.  And now you can choose between regular and dairy-free.

    $2.50 each
  • Jalapeño Peach

    A perfect match combined in a white chocolate ganache. (Green and orange speckles).

    $2.50 each
  • Crème Fraîche

    Creamy Belgian milk chocolate with a tangy undertone (heart with light pinkish speckles)

    $2.50 each
  • A Currant Affair

    Black currant marries well with a smooth white chocolate ganache in this flavour-packed bonbon. (Two tone purple)

    $2.50 each
  • Peppermint Log

    Cool, minty fondant enrobed in luscious dark Belgian chocolate. (Dark log)

    $2.50 each
  • Amaretto Bliss

    The perfect apéritif - Finely ground almonds and rich milk chocolate are blended with a healthy dose of Italian almond liquor. (Copper speckles and almond back spray)

    $2.50 each
  • Amber of the North

    Our friends down the road at Spearhead make a mighty fine amber brew! The perfect pair with our dark chocolate. Dairy-free (Dark dome with lustre)

    $2.50 each
  • Limoncello Basil

    Fresh basil is steeped in hot cream and combined with the liquor and fresh lemon juice. Feels like a drive to Positano with the top down! (Heart with yellow and green)

    $2.50 each
  • Caramel Macchiato

    The Italian vacation continues with rich espresso blended with caramelized white chocolate and cream - chef’s kiss! (Coffee bean)

    $2.50 each
  • Black Garlic Miso

    What?? Yes, that’s right. No, we’re not crazy … well maybe…. And it’s dairy free/vegan too! Try it and tell everyone you did.

    $2.50 each
  • Bergamot Breeze

    Our fourth homage to all things Italian is this complex citrus fruit. Tangy, sweet and herbaceous. That’s amore! (Pink ball)

    $2.50 each


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